Religious Schools

There are so many madrasas and schools are running giving religious educations, these schools are producing Hafez, alim, mufti, qari and various Muslim scholars. Mostly these institutions are running with the aid of umma i.e. ummatulmuslimin.  Most of the institution are residential school and offer a free residence, free education, free food, and free clothes. The HCFI maintain the data of such schools and get the need of these institutions so that they should not be closed or shut down due to financial crises. So many institutions are work in a rural area and so many work in an urban area. Generally, the institutions from rural area are faces more financial problems than urban institutions. HCFI take care more on rural institutions engaged in various religious and community services. The HCFI Madarasas auditors go to schools and verify personally the number of students, the number of teachers, salary of teachers, nature of syllabus,  progress of students like Hifz, Tajweed and Deeniyat source of income, need of finances, etc. The HCFI collect all information and help the institutions in the area they need help. HCFI pay rent if the school is running in rented premises. The HCFI provide food directly to the students, conduct regular health checkup by qualified doctors, provide free medicines and other diagnosis facilities, distribute books, cloth, supply petty articles like soap, toothpaste, etc., as per need of the students and supervise the schools.

Appoint English teachers to learn Basic English for the students of MADARSAS in which they are doing Hifz, Alim, Fazil Course on the expenses of HCFI.

HCFI  appoint math’s teachers to learn basic mathematics on the expenses of HCFI to all students.

Maintain and keep the record of all work.