Halal Audit & Inspection

Preliminary Audit & Inspection

Generally the audit committee consists of Islamic scholars, food scientist, industrial chemist, veterinary specialist (if livestock and slaughter house) engineers, pharmacist, required technical persons according to nature of product and services of applicant after examination of Halal form submitted by applicant. When the application is moved to auditor team then a committee of shariah auditors and technical auditors is constituted as per requirement for inspection, in other case a committee of minimum two members is deputed, one shariah auditor and one technical auditor committee. The Halal audit team is sent to the halal operating place (plant, factory, hotel, restaurant / warehouse / as the case may be) to inspect halal compliance and collect the samples. The auditor team prepare preliminary ‘Halal audit report’ after due inspections and examination.
The audit process covers the following inspection:

  • Verification of documents comparing with originals.
  • Manufacturing, processing, filling and labeling.
  • Preparation, Storage, display and serving
  • Hygienic atmosphere, cleanliness, sanitation and safety.
  • Machinery, apparatus, tools, utensils.
  • Handling, storing, packaging, transporting of product or services.
  • Sample collection of final product, raw material, ingredients, water used in process, etc., (as the case may be)

Auditor report and verification of Documentation:
Auditor report will be prepared after inspection and it will be signed by both the parties, further the samples are collected by acknowledging the applicant.  One copy is furnished to applicant to keep at premises which is termed as Halal audit report.

If auditor’s team find objectionable thing which is against the sharai then the application is rejected by written report and observation according to halal compliance, shariah and technical reasoning.

When the auditor’s team find everything clear following the shariah laws then it moved to Research and development wing for scientific analysis and laboratory tests of samples collected by them.
Audit Expenses:
The expenses of audit team shall be bear by the applicant which include the following:

  • Air fare of economy class/Train AC-II
  • Taxi or facility to provide local transportation.
  • Lodging/ boarding / Rest house to stay till the inspection is completed.
  • Food & refreshment during stay and travel.
  • Audit fee of Rs. 2000 per member per day.