(D2D) Donors to Donee

We have made a platform to make charity directly to the needy people. Anyone can give their details like need, address, needed amount, etc., on this platform and the donor can directly help the needy person without any involvement of HCFI.

It is a direct connection through mobile, email or direct approach on given address for the donor. The donor can judge and verify the need for donee directly and the donor can help the done directly.
The HCFI do not play any role in a financial transaction. The facility is available to all needy people of the ummah to upload their need directly hereunder. The HCFI do not have supervision or check or personal knowledge of the need of any persons (Donee). The donor should verify personally the genuineness or need or reality of the person, HCFI shall not be responsible for any information given by the donee (uploaded). This facility is started in good faith to help a poor and needy person to contact directly from Donor to Donee (D2D) to avoid third-party intervention.