E Numbers

E numbers are number codes for food additives and are usually found on food labels throughout the European Union. The “E” stands for “Europe” or “European Union”. Normally each food additive is assigned a unique number, though occasionally, related additives are given an extension (“a”, “b”, or “i”, “ii”) to another E-number. The numbering scheme …

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Codex Alimentarius

Disclaimer: The Codex alimentations commission has framed general guide lines for use of the term “Halal” in food labeling, this guideline is given hereunder in a public interest to meet the product on international standard. There is no personal benefit in providing this guideline in this website, this website belongs to trust which is a nonprofit …

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Halal References

Food Ingredients The following food ingredients should be avoided by all Muslims and care should be exercised while doing your shopping: Alcohol Animal Shortening* Animal Fat * Bacon Broth* (from animals) Enzymes*: Microbial Enzymes are okay Ethanol Ethyl alcohol Gelatine/Gelatin* Gin Ham L-cysteine (if from human hair) Lard Lipase*: Only animal lipase should be avoided …

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