Month: May 2017

Codex Alimentarius

Disclaimer: The Codex alimentations commission has framed general guide lines for use of the term “Halal” in food labeling, this guideline is given hereunder in a public interest to meet the product on international standard. There is no personal benefit in providing this guideline in this website, this website belongs to trust which is a nonprofit …

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Halal References

Food Ingredients The following food ingredients should be avoided by all Muslims and care should be exercised while doing your shopping: Alcohol Animal Shortening* Animal Fat * Bacon Broth* (from animals) Enzymes*: Microbial Enzymes are okay Ethanol Ethyl alcohol Gelatine/Gelatin* Gin Ham L-cysteine (if from human hair) Lard Lipase*: Only animal lipase should be avoided …

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